Arcona now listed on Bitcoin exchange Gatecoin

Arcona now listed on Bitcoin exchange Gatecoin

Bitcoin exchange  Gatecoin has announced that it has just listed Arcona. Arcona can now be traded with BTC and ETH.

Arcona Ecosystem is an information space that unites the real and virtual worlds. In 2014, Arcona launched the world’s first augmented reality park in Ludza. It has increased the flow of tourists in the region by 30%, attracting more than 60 000 tourists a year. Arcona has already developed eight working augmented reality parks in six different countries in Europe and is continuously developing more around the world.

Now, Arcona is taking AR even further by utilizing blockchain technology creating a token marketplace for augmented reality services and experiences. Its primary goal is to form an AR layer, called Digital Land, all over the world that will support a vast number of new diverse AR applications in gaming, education, tourism, advertising, etc. Arcona will allow individuals to buy, sell, and rent out ”Digital Land” and will also use smart contracts to guarantee the protection of copyright and property rights for digital landowners.

Arcona is the native token of the Arcona ecosystem. Arcona will be used to access and power various services of the Arcona platform; land auctions, stock exchange, advertising and voting rights to participate in the development of the system and evaluate the performance of tasks and the quality of content.

The Arcona economy generates an augmented reality layer called Digital Land; token holders will be able to participate in the functioning of the system through their marketplace in a P2P economy model format. It will guarantee ownership of digital assets through smart contract and the ability to earn revenue from their use — digital landowners can display virtual banners ads near their created content.

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