Someone bought a virtual Formula 1 race car for over $100,000 in Ethereum

Someone with the name “09E282” just bought a virtual Formula 1 race car for over $100,000 in Ethereum. The name of the buyer is not known at this point.

As data from Etherscan shows, the bid for the car won after a four-day auction ended on May 27th. The crypto collectible attracted over 15 different bidders with 40 competing offers for the car.

The car is actually for “an officially-licensed Formula 1 game”. The purhcase was actually made in the pre-sale for F1 Delta Time. The latter is a racing game that uses non-fungible tokens. According to press, the game’s name is based on blockchain and  bears the official seal of approval from the same company that controls the popular races of Formula 1. In addition, the virtual car bought seem to be powered to the max.

Many are wondering, however, how is it possible for someone to spend so much money on a virtual car in a pre-sale, essentially meaning that the race is not even launched yet. According to some press, the move may even seem suspicious. However, as suspicious as it may be, the fact is that there are crazy fans of Formula 1 races and equally as many crypto enthusiasts who are looking to “invest” their tokens.


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