Gate.IO’s newest report looks at predictions on market fluctuation caused by Ethereum Hard Fork

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Blockchain assets platform Gate.IO has just launched its latest report looking at the predictions on market fluctuation, caused by Ethereum Hard Fork.

Gate.IO will support the Ethereum Constantinople, which will be released on January, 14th. In the case of it generating a new valued fork chain, Gate.IO will distribute the assets to all users based on the fork snapshot.

Last week, LeapRate announced that Ethereum is about to cut its energy consumption by 99%. The promising low-energy “format” of Ethereum is expected to be introduced some time in 2019.

Since its inception, Ethereum has been highly regarded and is currently the most widely used common development platform. It is currently in the first phase of the ‘Metropolis’ in the Ethereum development roadmap and will soon enter the second phase, ‘Metropolis Constantinople’.

The report summarizes the characteristics of the current market price fluctuation of Ethereum’s historical Hard Forks, outlining its history, price fluctuations and trends of Hard forks and an overview of the price change before and after the Hard Fork.

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