Calgary becomes the first city in Canada with an official digital coin

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Calgary is setting precedent in Canada as the first city to have its own digital coin. The so called Calgary Dollars will supplement the federal currency, rather than replace it.

Calgary Dollars is essentially a project to support small businesses and make communities closer. While the federal currency is the leading and official one, Calgary Dollars presents an untapped opportunity for Calgarians.

As the Huffington Post reported earlier, the major difference between Calgary’s new digital currency and other major digital coins, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, is that Calgary Dollars cannot be cashed out or bought. The way one can receive Calgary Dollars is by posting advertisements for different services and goods people would like to exchange or sell through the website of the digital coin.

One ad on the website of the crypto project costs $5. The locals can receive the digital coin by referring new users and taking some surveys related to Calgary Dollars.

The interesting part is that the project has been around since the late 90s. But only now, Calgary Dollars has re-emerged as a new digital currency platform that aims to boost the local economy and offer an interesting way for people to transact.

Calgary Dollars is supported by the City of Calgary, which allows people to use their digital currency for a fixed number of purchasing transit tickets. With more than 300 businesses that now accept Calgary Dollars, it is possible that Canada sees a lot of local digital coins that emerge in the recent future.

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