This drug store to trace cannabis with blockchain

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Blockchain is going on new horizons, no doubt about it. The largest drug store retailer in Canada is planning to use the disrupting technology to trace the cannabis it distributes. The goal is to set some standards since the industry is flourishing.

TruTrace, a Canadian software company and Shoppers Drug Mart are partnering to develop and bring about a pilot project to ensure the traceability of cannabis, a prescriptive one or as it is known in the industry – medical cannabis.

The vice president of Shoppers, Mr. Ken Weisbrod, explained that the new program will enable customers and patients to feel more confident, since the product they are using is accountable and traceable, as reported by

The goal here is to provide the consistency of how medical cannabis is used, and perhaps even perceived, since with prescription drugs and all kinds of other drugs, patients expect consistent clinical trials and results.

The first part of the project, the pilot one, is said to launch in the summer of 2019 and deployment in pharmacies to take place by November 2019. Shoppers has 1,300 drug stores.

Canada legalized medical cannabis in 2001 and even allowed its recreational used in October 2018.

With such statistics and the fact that more than 5.3 million Canadians have purchased cannabis for medical or recreational use since October 2018, the blockchain program of Shoppers may have very positive effects on the entire industry.



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