The first blockchain company to get listed on Xetra – a Deutsche Börse-operated exchange

Xetra is Deutsche Börse’s digital stock exchange. The very first blockchain development company to be listed on Xetra is Advanced Blockchain AG, a German BaaS provider (blockchain-as-a-service). The news comes from DGAP and Cointelegraph.

This is a hug accomplishment for Advanced Blockchain AG, as Xetra is an all-electronic trading system that is used in over 16 European countries, including the UAE and Hong Kong. The exchange is operated by Deutsche Börse.

As Cointelegraph reports, the “contribution” of Xetra to the Deutsche Börse’s performance is huge. For instance, as of May 2019, Xetra contributed $149 billion out of the $165 billion total cash market of the German stock exchange. The average daily volume of Xetra stood at around $7 billion.

Advanced Blockchain AG is a German-based Blockchain-as-a-Service company that builds blockchain systems for their clients. The firm has already been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Düsseldorf stock exchange.

Apart from getting all the exposure from the listings on the stock exchanges, Advanced Blockchain has signed a Letter of Intent with a German cable operator and telecommunications provider to develop a blockchan-based protocol for billing IoT networks. The details are yet to be revealed, the information comes from a report on DGap.

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