Stox launches beta of its Blockchain Prediction Markets platform

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Stox, the blockchain-powered prediction markets platform which raised $33 million in only 34 hours last year making its ICO the seventh-largest of 2017, has announced that it has launched its risk-free beta version, known as Sun Tzu in honor of the Chinese New Year.

Stox was founded by co-founder Ophir Gertner.

Niv Abramovich, CMO of Stox, appealed to Stox community and explained that naming the beta after the famous mathematician reflects the power of the new version. Since the statement was published, the site’s registrations climbed up by 3,000 unique users.

The utility of STX tokens has been in the works for a while now, and with the new beta version, the migration is completed, and users will be able to use real STX tokens on the platform”, according to Abramovich.

Stox prediction markets platform leverages the concept of the wisdom of the crowd. The platform allows anyone to use STX tokens to predict outcomes, and correct predictions are rewarded at a ratio equal to their original stake. Deposits and rewards are handled via smart contracts, ensuring secure transactions.

After conducting its own ICO in last August, Stox managed to raise 148k ether tokens and forged ahead with new ICO-related prediction market partnerships with InsurePal, Sirin Labs, FintruX, BlitzPredict, and Lucyd. Recently, Stox added a new prediction to its successful ICO predictions category with LeadCoin and revealed plans for enhanced cooperation in the future.

Yossi Peretz, Stox COO, commented:

We are excited to announce the launch of our beta version. It took a lot of effort on the part of the whole team, but finally, we put together a user-friendly version in just four months. It was executed with enough simplicity for our newly adopting users to become familiar with the often-complicated process involving cryptocurrency transactions, introducing elements of functionality on the blockchain.

We thank our growing community for their tremendous support. We have a great responsibility towards them, and we see them as our true partners. We invite everyone to use the platform and predict outcomes without a risk. Expect new updates soon,” Peretz concluded.

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