LeadCoin to offer web marketing alternative to Google and Facebook

LeadCoin partners with Stox, a Blockchain-based prediction market platform to offer the $400 billion crypto industry a web marketing alternative to Google and Facebook

LeadCoin, has just announced that it launches the first lead sharing network on the blockchain that offers businesses a new way to buy and sell high quality, unused leads in real-time.

LeadCoin boosts the effectiveness of a company’s web marketing efforts by offering a secure and decentralized space for businesses to collaborate and better manage their marketing budget. This lends itself to a cooperative relationship for both businesses and consumers to monetize their data.

In today’s digital marketing ad space, there exists significant frustration on both the consumer and business end, fueled by the high-volume, yet low-quality campaigns the industry offers. Even with Google and Facebook’s duopoly over the digital advertising market creating a multi-billion dollar market cap, over 97% of what businesses spend on acquiring new leads, goes unused. These low conversion rates, coupled with high advertising costs, have created an opportunity for businesses to explore new methods to buy leads.

LeadCoin’s blockchain-based platform replaces the ‘middleman’ with smart contracts, to provide a valuable alternative to direct response advertising, which most businesses use to generate leads. The blockchain offers unparalleled transparency by guaranteeing that no single entity controls it, maintaining the fairness of data for all users. LeadCoin’s utility token, LDC, is used for the purchasing and selling of the leads.

LeadCoin offers a real-time marketing solution by:

  • Contacting leads: A business contacts a lead after the lead submits its contact information to the business’s website with LeadCoin’s Timestamp.
  • Determining whether it’s a fit: The business qualifies the lead and determines whether it can or cannot provide the desired service.
  • Passing the lead along: If it’s not a fit, the platform asks for the lead’s consent to be contacted by other businesses that would be more relevant. If the lead agrees, the business uploads a detailed description of the lead into the network, so other businesses can purchase the right to contact that lead.
  • Matching leads to relevant businesses: LeadCoin’s matching algorithm will then analyze and match the lead to other businesses in real-time.
  • Executing transactions: Another business (the buyer) acquires the lead and the original business (the seller) receives payment.
Shmulik Grizim

Shmulik Grizim

The LeadCoin team is focused on leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology to foster a profitable yet transparent web-marketing ecosystem, that has not existed until now,” said Shmulik Grizim, the Founder of LeadCoin. “Our platform will give both consumers and businesses the chance to monetize their data, empowering all participating parties in collaboration.”

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