FDA to utilize blockchain for drug supply chain

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States is reportedly turning to blockchain to create an efficient and reliably drug supply chain.

The FDA has introduced a pilot program that aims to create an interoperable and e-system that follows specific medication drugs through their entire supply chain. The agency is reportedly turning to the technology of blockchain to create a solid electronic system that can be used as a track-and-trace system. The whole initiative is part of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act and is to be set in motion by 2023.

The system will allow the FDA to view the following in details: where the particular prescription medication has been sold, who has handled the stocking and selling of the drug, verification process of the drug. Also, the system will make it possible for the FDA to ensure that anyone who is handling the drug is able to spot a suspicious medication and report it.

The program will help with the reduction of illegal drugs and the abuse of prescription medication. The program is to be run by Mr. Frank Yiannas. Yiannas was a Vice-President of Food Safety at Walmart.

The participating companies that want to be part of the new program have until March 11th to declare their interest.

The FDA is not really new to the technology of blockchain and its use. Previously, the agency has used the technology for handling oncology data in a more efficient way.

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