How can a blockchain project in Kenya help California?


The power of blockchain has undeniably left its mark on almost all parts of the world. Recently, Africa has emerged as a top, or at least, promising blockchain/cryptocurrency destination. Because the market is so new, there are numerous solutions and inventions to be made using blockchain.

The most remarkable thing about blockchain, however, is the applicability of the technology in multiple sectors. Right now, a new exciting project run by IBM and USAID in Kenya will probably help the US State of California.

According to Allafrica, USAID is conducting a research project on underground water usage in Kenya. The project, however, has found applicability in California, more specifically, in solving the issue of drought in the state.

As reported by the African news:

The Freshwater Trust (TFT), a nonprofit working to protect and restore freshwater ecosystems, is partnering with IBM Research and SweetSense Inc., a provider of low-cost satellite connected sensors, to pilot technologies which can accurately monitor and track groundwater use in one of the largest and most at risk aquifers in North America.

It is the sensor technology of SweetSense that is currently tracking the supplies of groundwater more more than 1 million people in Ethiopia and Kenya.

The IBM Research team from Africa said that the same system used in Africa can be used in California. The water management issue in the “dry” US State is a huge problem, and a solution can be found in the technology of blockchain and IoT sensors. The entire system helps monitor the actual usage of water in real-time.

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