The $50 million Ripple Blockchain Research Program is getting traction

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Ripple is going far and beyond when it comes to embracing new partners and new knowledge-sharing techniques. One of the best examples of that is the Ripple Blockchain Research Program that commits $50 million for university blockchain research.

The major aim of the program is to increase research related to the technology of blockchain and the related fields.

Initially, the donations were made to 17 universities including UCL, Princeton, MIT and many more. The demand for the program came after several major academic institutions like Stanford have launched cryptocurrency-related courses, both online and on campus.

Now, Ripple’s Initiative is getting traction, as 11 more universities have joined the program and will benefit from the generous research grants. Some of the new colleges include The University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon and Cornell.

The distribution of the grants is intended to be in the range of 3-5 years, and the universities receiving the money do not have special obligations to fulfil in order to get advantage of the program.

Some of the grants helped universities conduct research and programs in fields such as social and financial inclusion, academic work, etc. Students seem to be very interested in the question how blockchain can help solve some of the world’s most urgent issues such as unbanked people, no access to education and equal rights.

Ripple’s intention is to keep expanding the network of partner universities, and the $50 million program is just the beginning.

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