French AMF warns of fraudulent use of its name


The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) has reported that different individuals have received messages from a person called Mr Villard, who claims he is mandated by the AMF to help them recover sums invested in a binary options platform. This individual is using the AMF’s contact details, name and logo fraudulently.

An individual, who introduces himself as Mr Villard, has been contacting French savers by telephone and email, and claims to be mandated by the AMF to help them recover sums they invested on a binary options platform.

The individual that goes by the name of Mr Villard is using deceptively the AMF’s contact details and its name, notably via the use of false e-mail addresses such as [email protected] and [email protected].

The savers that contacted the AMF also indicated that the individual in question knew the exact amount of the sums they invested on a binary options platform and that he had information about them.

The AMF recommends that savers decline any offers from this individual. It has already transmitted the information in its possession to the public prosecutor’s office in Paris (Parquet de Paris) to which individuals that are victims of his actions may make themselves known.

The AMF recalls that it is important to be particularly vigilant when faced with offers from the Internet and always ensure that they come from a provider that has the required authorisations.

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