Relationships Matter: Windsor Brokers adds IB portal to GWAZY platform

A year and a half after its launch, Windsor Brokers’ GWAZY platform gains an IB portal, an essential component for relationship-based client acquisition

Introducing a proprietary trading platform to meet the requirements of a specific target market is a somewhat costly and resource-hungry task, however for Cyprus-based Windsor Brokers, continued investment in exactly that is a priority.

Yesterday Windsor Brokers, whose client base is predominatly Arabic-spoken retail traders based in the Middle East, announced that it has added an introducing broker (IB) portal to its solution.

Using the GWAZY Business Introducer moniker, the IB portal forms an integral part of the GWAZY proprietary platform, and operates as a web-based portal which presents IBs with back-office features such as an administration panel, dashboard and client management and reporting system along with performance reports and technical support.

Windsor Brokers is one of Cyprus’ first FX firms, having been established since 1988 on the island, however instead of using it as a bridge to Europe, the company considers its position vital for the ability to serve a Middle Eastern audience, and therefore adapts its offering in that direction.

Currently, the company has not disclosed the trading volume and number of clients which are using the GWAZY platform since its inception in late 2013, however it is widely recognized among all industry participants that a large proportion of business conducted in the Arabic-speaking world is via relationships and trust.

For this reason, an IB portal may prove to be an essential tool indeed.

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