Haute couture meets Geneva’s high net worth FX traders

High society, prestige and the world’s center for the latest fashion and style are some of life’s finer things which often bear no resemblance to the sombre-suited world of FX technology and financial markets.

Geneva is world renowned for being home to some of the world’s most secure financial institutions, as well as a world center for fashion design, the manufacturing of precision timepieces and as a center for style and opulence.

In line with Dukascopy Bank’s methodology of innovative modus operandi, the company recently held its monthly event in its home city of Geneva, which combines these two otherwise very different worlds in a city which is synonymous with both.

March’s Geneva Forex Event, held at the Four Seasons Des Bergues Hotel on Lake Geneva, was attended by 550 elite professionals from within the very upper echelons of the electronic financial sector, including hedge fund managers, banking executives and high net worth traders, who, during their evening of networking and opportunities for FX companies to meet some esteemed traders, were entertained by a fashion show, hosted by Herve Leger.

GvaFX Herve Leger Runway (2015.03.27) W-5385

Andrew Saks-McLeod, Managing Editor of LeapRate, a regular attendee at the Geneva Forex Event, understands the value of expanding on events which combine luxury and lifestyle with networking and business opportunities for the FX industry’s leaders: “Events and conferences are of substantial importance for gaining new, long term business, and seeking out valuable partnerships in an online industry such as ours, where high turnover is prevalent.”

“The key difference between the Geneva Forex Event and conferences is the totally different audience that it attracts, many of whom are very wealthy institutional traders and investment bankers, and that instead of discussing industry topics, attendees are given an evening of luxury at the Four Seasons Hotel, uninterrupted by discussions, thus allowing FX brokers to meet and engage with those who can bring vast business to their firms.”

Mr. Saks-McLeod concluded: “I attend this event regularly and have noticed that a proportion of Geneva’s top institutional traders, introducing brokers, hedge fund managers and investment bankers come here each month to socialize” he concluded.

Present at the event, among many industry participants, was David Andrews, CEO of algorithmic trading focused London-based FX brokerage Atom8, who explained to LeapRate “The importance of events which bring institutional traders into contact with FX brokerages that have something specific to offer them is paramount. The Geneva Forex Event is exquisite, this is a whole new and valueable audience which many FX brokerages have not yet been party to.”


The technology-led emphasis of the event runs from the electronic registration process, which allows guests to exit from their chauffeur driven luxury car and into the Geneva Forex Event without having to suffer the indignity of a line, or sully their hands with the mundane completion of forms – instead, an electronic system presents each attendee with a badge, ideal for networking, and within less than 20 seconds the attendee is sipping Duval-Leroy Champagne, and musing over their day’s trading with potential business associates whilst observing the fashion on display.


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