MoneyNetint launches an online payment app for tourists who get traffic tickets


The number of people driving while on vacation has grown exponentially in recent years, which has seen the number of cars being rented annually rise to about 120 million vehicles. This trend has resulted in 322,000 monthly Google searches (in 17 major countries including the UK, the USA and Hong Kong) regarding ‘online fines payments solutions.’ Some countries such as the Netherlands have reported over 8 million traffic offenses by foreigners in a year. Tourist who make traffic offenses while on vacation usually encounter multiple problems when paying for such tickets using bank transfers and money wires, which are expensive, slow and inefficient.

This scenario has inspired MoneyNetint Limited to release an online payment service for tourists who get traffic tickets within Europe known as PayTicket. MoneyNetint Limited is an Authorized Electronic Money Institution licensed by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Most European countries require people to pay their parking and speeding tickets using local channels, which tourists have to use if the online channels cannot accept foreign cards. Tourists who are not familiar with a country’s driving regulations are prone to driving in bus lanes and restricted traffic zones for which they receive tickets.

PayTicket eliminates the challenges that most tourists faced when paying for traffic tickets through money wires and international bank transfers whose fees are typically more expensive than the cost of most traffic tickets. The PayTicket app gives tourists access to a secure user-friendly platform where they can pay for their international driving fines using their debit and credit cards.

The CEO of MoneyNetint, Yishay Trif explained:

In the past when you picked up a driving ticket in Europe, you probably didn’t know how to pay. Rules and regulations vary from country to country, so it hasn’t always been easy to pay for a ticket abroad. Fortunately, there’s now an online solution to this long-standing problem. PayTicket is a new service that helps travelers pay their driving fines in minutes. It’s fast, secure and easy-to-use, paying the fine with the minimum of fuss.

The duration between when the fines are issued and collected varies in each country with some like Italy allowing the local authorities up to one year to collect the fines. However, Germany gives local authorities just three months to collect traffic fines. A driver is usually given 60 days to pay the issued fine, or appeal it before the penalty doubles. If a driver does not pay within the stipulated period, the issuing authority may employ the services of an international debt collection firm to recover the fines.

This is why it is important to pay your traffic fines soon after the ticket is issued to avoid any additional costs and hassle. PayTicket makes it possible to instantly pay for your traffic tickets in foreign European countries.

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