Mastercard expands partnership with bunq for greener planet

Mastercard and bunq announce that they are expanding their partnership to advance bunq’s card offerings in Europe. Mastercard is contributing with its international network and helping to expand bunq Green Card in 30 European countries. Bunq Green Card is a metal Mastercard that plants trees for every £100 or 100 Euros spent.

The bunq Green Card was introduced in November 2019 and apart from planting a tree for every £100 / 100 Euros, the card itself is produced in environmentally friendly way. The sustainable card has so far has helped planted over 100,000 trees since the introduction of the initiative four months ago. These represent a 30.8 million kg CO2 reduction, or equivalent of 32,560 flights from Paris to New York.

bunq Green Card

The initiative also contributes to Priceless Planet Coalition. The recently launched Mastercard platform unites corporate sustainability efforts and makes meaningful investments to persevere the environment. The Priceless Planet Coalition is pledging to plant 100 million for a period of over five years together with other partners who share the same commitment to green movements including bunq who is one of those partners.

Bunq and Master’s collaboration firs started in 2015 with challenger bank’s official entrance to the market. Since then their partnership has brough multiple card offerings and the most recent one includes bunq Green Card and bunq Travel Card, which offers travelers the real exchange rate worldwide.

Just in Europe, Mastercard’s partners number more than 60 digital banks and fintechs which has doubled in the last two years.

Bunq founder and CEO Ali Niknam commented:

Ali Niknam

We are extremely excited to take our partnership with Mastercard to the next level. Together with our users we have established an easy way for everyone to create a greener world with zero effort. Together we will further expand bunq Green Card throughout Europe.

Javier Perez, President Mastercard Europe stated:

How Europeans bank and make payments is evolving. People want and expect the technology they use to not just be safe and simple, they are increasingly looking to have a positive impact on the world they live in. Mastercard believes that the power of partnership can not only drive innovation but also do good. We have successfully partnered with bunq over the last five years and are proud that this exciting partnership continues to grow; driving ease and speed for people across Europe and delivering positive impact for the environment.

Mastercard announced last week its growing global partnership with Samsung to provide digital access to consumer clients and small businesses in emerging markets through its extensible Pay on Demand platform.

The Pay on Demand platform is designed to advance digital inclusion and and bring financial institutions together with original equipment manufacturers and telcos to solve issues that have limited device financing in emerging markets. The solution follows Mastercard’s data responsibility principles and allows customers to access devices in a pay-as-you-go model.

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