Xapo uses partnerships to create a powerful combination of competitve gaming and Bitcoin

Announced last week Bitcoin wallet and soon to come debit card provider Xapo, announced a partnership with CEVO, a global eSports company, and Leet which is a Bitcoin-based gaming service,  in order to produce a new gaming platform which allows players to earn Bitcoin by playing online games.

Xapo’s innovations have recently caught the eye of seasoned venture capital investors, with a $20 million round of funding having been completed recently, expanding the company’s valuation to $100 million.

As a result of this new partnership, the new platform will offer a Bitcoin-enabled competitive gaming experience to players already using the CEVO platform.

Currently, CEVO runs several competitive tournaments with prize money up, therefore this partnership boost Bitcoin adoption around the world as online gaming represents a vast proportion of global internet business.

With the ability for CEVO users to earn Bitcoin by playing the games and challenging friends, it is entirely possible that mainstream games including League of Legends, TF2 and Counterstrike could use Bitcoin as their currency.

Leet offers a similar service to CEVO, hosting games and tournaments, allowing players to win a monetary prize. Winnings can be withdrawn to a Xapo wallet, where they will be stored as a bitcoin balance. Leet takes a 2% fee on League of Legends earnings.


Photograph courtesy of InsideBitcoins.com

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