WPCS announces 34% user growth for its BTX Trader and Celery digital currency platforms

WPCS International Incorporated (NASDAQ: WPCS), which specializes in contracting services for communications infrastructure and the development of digital currency trading platform BTX Trader, today is providing shareholders with an update on the user growth of its BTX Trader and Celery digital currency platforms. Cumulative user count as of September 16, 2014 totaled 7,121, as compared to 5,239 as of June 16, 2014, an increase of approximately 34%. In addition, the firm has added a transparency page to its Celery wallet to assure its users that digital currency stored with Celery is safe and quickly accessible.

Divya Thakur, BTX Chief Technology Officer, added, “BTX is taking a leadership position in the digital currency industry by providing the type of transparency that users need to make informed decisions by giving them insight into customer holdings of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, as well as order completion times and withdrawal speeds. Our goal is to make BTX the most trusted provider in the industry.”

“We are extremely pleased with the growth of our BTX Trader and Celery user base,” stated BTX Trader Chief Operating Officer, Ilya Subkhankulov. “The user growth of our platforms is directly attributable to the growth the digital currency industry continues to experience. Consumers are becoming more educated and therefore more comfortable with owning and utilizing Bitcoin as an alternative method of payment. We continue to refine our software and intend to develop and introduce new, creative ideas to bring to market. We look forward to seeing continued user growth and translation into positive revenue growth in the future.”

As the second company to launch a US wallet with direct bank transfers, Celery is one of the most convenient ways to purchase digital currency for US residents. Celery has driven BTX Trader’s user growth in the past three months with approximately 28% of the total user base attributed to the consumer wallet and buying service.

Moreover, the total amount of digital currency sold since Celery’s launch is $78,000, with 71%, 24% and 5% of sales consisting of Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin, respectively. BTX Trader collects a fee of 1% in dollars for all Celery transactions as its primary revenue source. BTX Trader counts users as those signed up with an email address with either BTX Trader, the trading platform, or Celery, the online wallet and buying service, as both products share the same infrastructure.

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