TRADOLOGIC’s Knock-in tool proves popular amid traders

TRADOLOGIC, a provider of software solutions for the world of online gaming and trading, keeps enhancing its platform for trading binary options. The latest addition to the raft of features that end users of the platform are enjoying is called “Knock-in”: a pre-trading tool enabling traders to automatically open binary options trade.

When an order is entered into the trading platform, it will not be executed unless the underlying asset reaches certain price level before the option expiration. This order type is a standard way for traders to control their positions while they are away from their trading stations.

“Knock-in” is already integrated and successfully used by many of TRADOLOGIC’s brands. The tool is seeing high popularity, as tracking reports show that 15 % of all trades were opened through the “Knock-in” option within the first week of its launch. The forecast points to a sustainable growth to at least 50 % in the next couple of months.

“Knock-in” enables binary options traders to maintain high levels of control, time and risk management. It adds to a series of other useful features on TRADOLOGIC’s platform for binary options trading. We can mention, for instance, “Tournament”, “Trado 24/7” and “Auto-Trade”.

Company’s chief executive Ilan Tzorya commented: “TRADOLOGIC is at the front of the industry’s innovation, by constantly introducing additional products and by delivering superior services”. The efforts of the company to beef up its offering are obviously paying off, as TRADOLOGIC managed to sign up 45 new white labels in the first quarter of 2015.


To view the official announcement on the Knock-in tool, click here.

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