Alpari pushing Binary Options trading with relaxed ‘Pro’ bonus status

At a time when many Forex and CFD brokers are distancing themselves from the Binary Options product, Alpari is now running a promotion to encourage more binary options volume among its clients.

Alpari has announced a new promotion, to run through June, in which clients can attain ‘PRO’ status and earn a higher payout on winning trades. The ‘catch’ is that traders must first make at least $5,000 in binary options trades (excluding trades with 100% payout) over a seven day period, to qualify for PRO status.

The higher payout is just 3% more than Alpari’s standard quoted Binary Options payout on winning trades. And, PRO status only lasts for seven days, unless a further $5,000 in trades is made.

The full terms of the PRO promotion follow:

How does PRO status work?

PRO status is allocated for 7 calendar days from the moment the trading turnover conditions are met. After the status is attained, the payout for each trade is increased by 3% (excluding options whose payout is 100%). PRO status can be attained on several alpari.binary accounts within a single myAlpari.


  1. These terms and conditions outline how the “Plus 3% to payout” offer (hereinafter, “Offer”) shall be conducted.
  2. Alpari Limited (hereinafter, “Company”) is the organiser of the Offer.
  3. The offer will run from 30th January to 2nd June, 2017.
  4. During the duration of the Offer, there shall be a reduction in the amount of trading turnover required for binary options to achieve PRO status, which automatically increases the payout for each successful trade by 3%.
  5. To achieve PRO status during the Offer period, a trading turnover of 5,000 USD / 5,000 EUR must be reached within 7 days.
  6. PRO status can only be achieved by clients after they have reached the set trading turnover level.
  7. All but trades with 100% payout are taken into account when calculating trading turnover.
  8. The Company retains the right to end the Offer, participation of a trading account in the Offer, or withdraw PRO status that has been allocated in cases of fraud.
  9. Funds received from exchanging bonus points (ALP) for cash are not included in the turnover calculation.


The reduced trading turnover requirements will begin from 30th January. Correspondingly, to receive PRO status, trading volumes should be increased to the required level if the volume does not correspond to the Offer conditions by the date indicated.

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