TradingView to enable live trading through FXCM via Tradable

Charting software and trading community TradingView announced yesterday the Chicago HQ’d company will start to enable trading of Forex and CFDs through FXCM, the largest U.S. retail and globally regulated Forex broker. Here’s their profile page on TradingView. TradingView announced that eventually it will support trading of more asset classes through a variety of different brokers.

Further to this announcement, the company announced that is needs a small group of beta testers to get first access, to try trading through FXCM and provide detailed feedback. You can Message the user @admin on TradingView to request first-look access to the trading experience. Both demo and live accounts are supported, to test you will need to have an account with FXCM.

FXCM has been a long time sponsor of TradingView with their logo prominent on the TradingView site, so it makes logical sense they are the first brokerage to get access.

The tech TradingView used to connect to FXCM (and more brokers down the line) is Tradable, the FX technology and platform company. The partnership will provide a layer between TradingView and select brokers. So, TradingView connects only once to Tradable, from which then they can connect to all brokers, that way there’s no need to build multiple connections.

You can check out the official announcement here.

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