Tradable adds Anna Coulling’s Quantum Trading 3D trading tools to its app store

Trading apps and platform provider Tradable has announced that it has added Quantum Trading tools to its App Store, allowing Forex traders to benefit from the “Three Dimensional Approach of Trading” methodology created by Quantum Trading’s Anna Coulling.

tradableAnna believes trading is done best by understanding that fundamental, technical and relational analysis are three equally important aspects of the markets, and the new app combines these three key elements. The Quantum Trading tool also helps traders detect real flows by analyzing price and volume – two factors which are vital measures of market sentiment.

“Only by taking these two indicators into account do you get the true picture of what is happening on your chart. Price and volume confirm or invalidate each other. They will tell you if there is real flow behind the price change and if it is worth risking your money on a trade or whether it is better for you to pass on the trade and wait for a better opportunity,” explains Anna Coulling, Trader, Educator and Co-Founder, Quantum Trading.

More from Anna Coulling on Forex trading:

Jannick Malling, CEO, Tradable adds:

We are very exited about our partnership with QuantumTrading. Anna Coulling is a renowed trader, best selling author and frequently quoted market strategist. We believe this suite of well-respected and effective Quantum Trading tools provides traders with the structure to make informed trading decisions. Tradable remains focused on radically improving the trading experience and we believe these tools will help support this ambition.

The suite of Quantum Trading tools inside Tradable are grouped into four categories:

  1. Currency flow monitoring tools: These tools are used to detect real sentiment and track driven capital flows.
  2. Technical analysis tools and indicators: These tools makes it easy to interpret technical trend directions, highlighting support and resistance levels.
  3. Volume indicator: This tool evaluates the validity of a price move.
  4. Volatility tool: This tool validate a decision on when to participate in the markets.


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