TradingView tells of FXCM data issues

Financial visualization platform TradingView on Tuesday experienced issues with data from one of its FX and CFD data providers – FXCM Inc (NYSE:FXCM).

The problem, which affected FXCM native apps and external charting platforms, such as TradingView, was swiftly solved, but left a gap in FXCM data.

Below is the full announcement from TradingView:

Today one of our FOREX and CFD data providers – FXCM – experienced an issue with their data network. The problem affected both FXCM native applications and external charting platforms like TradingView : approximately at 09:48 EST all FXCM charts stopped updating. The problem was addressed quickly, however at the moment there is a 30 minutes gap in FXCM data on all markets. According to our information, they are working to fill this gap, but we cannot give any estimation when it will be done.

If you find any app where the gap is filled, however it is till present on TradingView charts, we would appreciate this info. Please send it to [email protected].

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