TradingView rolls out Charting Library 1.5 with second-based timeframes

Financial visualization platform TradingView announces today the release of its Charting Library 1.5 (stable). The new version introduces many new improvements and bug fixes, which were requested and reported by TradingView’s community.

What’s new:

  • Second-based timeframes. It is now possible to plot “X” seconds charts now, for example a 5-second or 20-second charts.
  • Maximized panes. If traders want to focus on a specific pane, they simply have to double-click on a pane to maximize it. They can also do this by clicking maximize/minimize buttons in the right top corner of a pane.
  • Customized default settings for a graphic object. Traders can change settings of a drawing object to save them as new defaults.
  • New symbol info dialog. It shows as many details for users as they need: symbol name, description, category, exchange, session info and much more.
  • Custom colors for markers on bars. Markers can now be used to display info on a specific interval of a chart. Traders can choose any RGB color for markers.
  • An attribute to show last bar values. Traders can use the attribute ‘price_scale_always_last_bar_value’ to show actual last bar values instead of the last visible bar values
  • Offset from UTC for various time zones. Time zone offset is now displayed on charts.
  • Cursor movement events. Easier interaction with chart. If traders subscribe to ‘crossHairMoved’ event, they can get information about price and date/time on the point where the cursor is located. It can be very useful if traders want to see additional information displayed at specific intervals.


You can view the full announcement from TradingView by clicking here.

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