TradingView partners with Drivewealth to enable stock trading

A week after announcing their second FX partnership with Forex broker OANDA, trading visualization platform and community TradingView announced today it now supports the DriveWealth broker for trading equities directly from its platform. The cool thing about Drivewealth is that they claim to make it super easy for traders from different countries to trade US stocks.

The company keeps its momentum going by adding more brokers, especially now in a different asset class. The aim of TradingView is that their community can research and analyze trading ideas, AND act on those ideas in seconds if needed.

Robert Cortright, Founder and CEO of DriveWealth:

“Our partnership with TradingView will provide investors worldwide with a seamless social-trading experience. This latest integration empowers traders by giving them the ability to access insight, analyze trends, and execute trades, all on one platform.”

Drivewealth is supported through the CQG infrastructure, so you’ll need to get a CQG-enabled login from them if you want to trade from TradingView. Then simply open the Trading Panel at the bottom of the chart and plug in the account + password.

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