TradingView enables creation of custom spread charts with Quandl data

It was in November last year that financial visualization platform TradingView made access to stocks and other economic data that open platform Quandl offers easier.

Today, TradingView announces one more step towards enhancing the collaboration with Quandl.

The TradingView team has improved the spread feature, so now users can use math operators to create custom spread charts with symbols from Quandl.

The platform allows the use the math operators (+-*/) for the creation of a custom graph with any available symbols on TradingView. Invariables can also be used in formulas: “MSFT + 50”.

With the latest update, Quandl symbols can be included in a spread formula. Traders are asked to have in mind that they need to quote whole symbol name, if this is a symbol from Quandl.


You can view the announcement from TradingView by clicking here.

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