Tradimo’s Little Traders game for iOS goes live

In tune with LeapRate’s earlier report about the pending launch of Little Traders, an iOS game developed by innovative online trading school Tradimo, the program went live today.

Little Traders enables players to trade in a virtual stock market environment, with Tradimo pinning its hopes on the possibility that by teaching players about trading in a fun and engaging way, they will be inspired to start trading in the real markets.

Players will be able to gain credits which they can use with a number of Tradimo’s partner brokers. The lineup of these partners includes CMC Markets, FXFlat Wertpapierhandelsbank and One Financial Markets. On top of that, these brokers are envisaging numerous joint promotional opportunities with Tradimo to introduce their clients and prospective clients to the Little Traders game.

Sebastian Kuhnert, CEO, Tradimo, says,

Little Traders has been in development for the last two years and we are very excited that it is now available on the App Store. We’ve had fantastic feedback from those who have trialled it so far and are very excited about the potential of this game to educate traders and significantly grow the pool of traders worldwide.

What exactly is the Little Traders game?

Little Traders is a free game available for iPhones or the iPad, giving players trading and investment missions and enableing them to unlock new features if they perform these missions successfully.

The action is set in a 1920s Great Gatsby retro pixel environment, and players are asked to trade based on news delivered by the paper boy, invest clients’ inheritance money, diversify their portfolios and build a successful Wall Street empire. They have an opportunity to learn about trading without investing real money and the prices are based on realistic stock prices.

Just like the real financial markets, there are rewards for players who perform well. Successful players have a range of bonus options – for instance, the opportunity to buy fancy furniture or hire more traders.

The team behind Tradimo is responsible, which resulted in over 7 million people (who had never considered poker before) eventually playing poker. The team is curious to see whether Little Traders will do the same for the trading industry.

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