Tradimo’s Little Traders app to be available on iPhone in Jan’16

Innovative online trading school Tradimo is planning to launch its Little Traders application on iPhone in  January 2016.

The company has already shed some light on the nature of the application earlier this year, saying that the solution is a unique way of combining gaming and education, targeting a group of (potential) traders that was not targeted before.

Now the application has its own website –, and is about to go live on iOS gadgets early next year.

The Little Traders app transfers its users into the hectic world of the 1920s. The choice of the epoch is explained via the abundance of inventions and novelties during that time, including cars, skyscrapers and underwater tunnels. The application offers authentic 1920s graphics, for that matter.

The scenario is relatively simple (and rather entertaining), as you get to help Mrs. Deborah Mueller and her friends lead better lives by investing their money in the stock market.

What one gets to do?

  • Buy and sell stocks with your little traders;
  • React to news delivered by the newspaper boy;
  • Trade realistic stock prices thanks to the Little Traders algorithm;
  • Hire more traders;
  • Explore new stocks;
  • Beat one’s friends’ high scores.

The application is all about virtual reality, so no real money is needed and there is no real risk involved.

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