Tradimo makes Little Traders app available in German, Arabic languages

Less than three months after its launch, Tradimo’s Little Traders app for iOS devices already boasts 5,000 players making use of this entertaining and useful solution.

Tradimo released an updated version of the application today, adding German and Arabic languages to the English version of the program. Thus, more traders can dive into the world of 1920s stock trading. The company is promising that more languages will join the lineup soon.

One can change the language from the flag button in the tutorial or from the settings menu.

The Little Traders action is set in a 1920s Great Gatsby retro pixel environment, and players get to trade based on news delivered by the paper boy, invest clients’ inheritance money, diversify their portfolios and build a Wall Street empire. They have a change to learn about trading without investing real money and the prices are based on realistic stock prices.

There are rewards for players who do well. Successful players have a range of bonus options – for example, the opportunity to buy luxurious furniture or hire more traders.

You can find out more about the application by clicking here.

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