TradeStation launches its own trading appstore

TradingApp™ Store will launch at the annual New York Traders Expo

US based TradeStation that is actually fully owned by the Japanese Monex Group has announced that it is joining the fray of appstore supporting platforms. Additional extensions to various trading software solutions has been gaining traction in the recent couple of months and it only made sense for the company to keep up with its already pretty competitive solution.

The store is getting a trademarked name of its own – TradingApp Store and is designed in a way to enrich the experience of Tradestation clients with fresh ideas, strategies, technology and customized trading solutions. The environment currently offers more than 650 apps which include strategies, indicators, analytical tools and others.

TradeStation TradingApp appstore

Monex Group details in its press release that more than 250 third-party developers have engaged filling the TradingApp Store with a wide variety of apps. As the new extensions are downloaded they will seamlessly run on the platform. Pricing methods vary depending on the type of applications and can be leased on a monthly subscription basis, or be purchased right away. As is normally the case, there are some free apps and some free trials for paid apps so that traders can get acquainted with the tools.

The CEO of the TradeStation Group Salomon Sredni has stated that the new TradingApp™ Store will tap the creativity of traders, market professionals and developers alike in order to present an ever expanding set of new tools.

The company is joining several other firms that have recently added similar features like Oanda with its Oanda Marketplace and platform providers X Open Hub with its xStore and Leverate with its Sirix Store who have started their efforts in this direction last year and joined Tradable and Bloomberg who have rolled out introducing similar services back in 2012.

For a link to the full press release visit Monex Group’s website.

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