MultiCharts 10.0 has new design, offers enhanced price precision for JPY, KRW

Trading software developers MultiCharts have announced the release of MultiCharts 10.0 Beta 1, with the platform now completely redesigned and featuring new features seeking to make the workflow easier and more pleasant.

For starters, the latest version of the platform supports 4K resolution, whereas the new design brings improvements to all the objects and icons. The new icons of the platform have a flat look which is reminiscent of the design approach taken by recent version of Windows OS.

The renovated platform also enables traders to switch between native and emulated Stop and Stop-Limit orders for both auto trading and manual trading. This feature requires real-time data subscription on one’s broker account.

Another improvement concerns the Optimization Progress window, which now provides the ability to Pause/Resume the optimization procedure to free CPU resources.

The price scale is enhanced, with 7 decimal places price precision now available in the instrument settings to support the Japanese Yen futures and South Korean Won currency pairs trading.

New Performance Report metrics have been added, including Annual Return & Annualized Sharpe Ratio.

For more information on the new MultiCharts build, click here.

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