Tradesmarter partners with LeadDaWay over auto trading app “Social Radar”

Binary technology provider Tradesmarter today announces the launch of “Social Radar”, an auto trading third-party application.

The solution, which results from a partnership between Tradesmarter and LeadDaWay, offers a unique calendar view of successful traders that match the actual trader’s profile and allows them to choose who to follow and what limits to set.

The unique calendar view, the special trader’s profile match algorithm, the 3rd party fully transparent nature and the mobile platform capabilities make this second generation application the perfect Auto Trading solution”, said Yoni Avital, CEO of Tradesmarter.

Tradesmarter and LeadDaWay purposefully combined state of the art technology with marketing expertise; they also took into account some Key Performance Indicators (KPI) regarding broker-trader engagement. The “Social Radar” application is markedly increasing trading volume, improving conversion and retention and enhancing the broker-trader relationship. The “Social Radar” App’s cross-platform technology encourages interaction between traders via a mobile, tablet, or a laptop.

Understanding the reality of a trusted partner with whom one can follow and trade with based on successful real-time results, the “Social Radar” was developed according to the trader’s needs. The trader enjoys trading, taking advantage of following better traders and sharing results with his friends” – Ido Lavi, VP Marketing LeadDaWay.

Tradesmarter notes that many of its partners have requested to add the “follow trader” functionality and the company has found it most reasonable to provide it through the Tradesmarter “Smarter API” application development scheme together with LeadDaWay.


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