TradAir’s real time surveillance and regulatory tool now live

TradAir’s now live market surveillance and compliance tool uses the latest in big data technology for its TLA or Total Liquidity Analysis product.  Available as a freestanding product or as an integrated part of TradAir’s overall FX trading solution, TLA enables clients to meet current and upcoming regulatory and reporting mandates.

TradAir combines Google Big Data and Big Query infrastructure for petabyte data storage and real-time data retrieval, with TradAir proprietary patent pending enterprise technology, specifically tailored for the FX market.  The solution provides sophisticated BI out of the box, along with high throughput and latency sensitive HTML5 access, to deliver strict surveillance and regulatory functionality.

As one size does not fit all, the personalized service offering can be uniquely tailored to fit each client.   Operating as an ASP, clients can utilize the big data storage and BI provided by TradAir as a service, taking advantage of the real time monitoring agents and feature rich TradAir HTML5 click through front end.  The solution provides out of the box toolsets to monitor and proactively act and report upon on markets, liquidity and trading activity.

The solution is also easily interfaced, and data can be exported to the client’s environment, enabling localized proprietary BI and back testing, supporting internal systems, algorithms and applications on site.  Quantitative groups can also add proprietary event driven models and BI into their own secure TradAir environment, minimizing latency, while taking advantage of the HTML5 interface.

The service is unique in its ability to also be white labeled, and offered as a branded service to end clients providing them tools and access to price and trade data.  The lightweight, low touch HTML5 design, is ideal to deliver branded sophisticated BI technology and reporting.  Accessible via a browser, the service requires no installation, and is globally available via desktop and mobile device.  Utilizing the browser also provides highly secure access that is conformant to bank compliance, without compromising features and quality.

“The service is a revolution” commented Avi Zloof, head of TradAir Innovation, “It provides to the trading markets large unlimited data storage and sophisticated BI overlays.  It now delivers our clients and our clients’ clients the tools they need to proactively monitor markets, optimize flow, and respond to regulatory and compliance demands, with no strain on IT or budgetary resource.”

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