Tradesocio announces partnership with GBG to simplify compliance

Tradesocio has announced that it has teamed up with a global identity data intelligence specialist, GBG. This cooperation aims to propel regulatory compliance in the era of digitalisation.

GBG is a provider of technology solutions for criminal record checks, AML, KYC, and other customer data analysis, with a focus on fraud, risk, compliance, privacy, customer location and other aspects defining the broad sphere of regulatory compliance.

GBG’s technology simplifies due diligence processes tremendously by halving the time required to complete background checks. Combining data intelligence and process automation, GBG provides a comprehensive infrastructure for businesses cross-industry, which fosters growth by allowing them to channel more of their resources into areas likely to increase market share.

GBG joined Tradesocio’s Marketplace of regulatory technology providers, sharing the same holistic approach to automation-enhanced business intelligence. The new addition to Tradesocio’s regtech network completes its ecosystem, providing financial institutions adopting the technology suite with a new, robust middle-office solution they can use alongside their current implementations.

Wael Salem, CEO at Tradesocio, commented:

We are extremely pleased to have a regulatory technology provider of GBG’s calibre on our side. GBG provides an invaluable source of expertise in the field of regulatory compliance, AML and KYC policies and best practice.

Nigel Clark, General Manager Identity Verification at GBG, said:

Partnering with Tradesocio is an important stride in the direction of making our technology solutions available to a growing number of financial institutions worldwide, across many different sectors.

By joining Tradesocio’s network of technology providers, GBG is well set on a path to raising awareness about the importance of data intelligence and process automation in regulatory compliance.

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