Tradable introduces Tweetable app, social functionalities on the rise

Just a day after Tradable introduced ChatBox, an application for live communication, sharing ideas and trades among the appified trading platform users, the social functionalities available in the terminal got another boost.

The company today announced the launch of another app with social allure (and a very original and catchy name) – Tweetable. The solution has one key function – to enable traders to get and send tweets inside the platform.

Tweetable gives traders access to their Twitter accounts without having to run the network separately in the browser. Now users of Tradable can receive tweets from experts and news sources or share trades easily from the trading workspace.tweetable cashtag

To add Tweetable to the workspace, a few clicks suffice. After opening the AppStore in the top left corner, one has to select “Miscellaneous” from the “Categories” menu. From the app list, select Tweetable, click +ADD and the app will be added to the workspace. Next up, there is an easy procedure on how to connect Tweetable and one’s Twitter account.

An interesting perk that Tweetable offers is that when a Tradable user enters a trade, Tweetable automatically composes a short message with the summary of this trade parameters, which then the user can decide whether to post or not. The message can be easily edited.

In addition, Tweetable enables trading with cashtags. The app automatically recognizes currency symbols or cashtags allowing traders to place trades from the app. One has to click on the highlighted cashtag and set up the trade in the order panel which pops up.

To find out more about Tweetable, click here.


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