Tokyo Financial Exchange’s Click 365 sees Forex volumes grow 10.7% in March

As the new month starts, it is time for a raft of operating metrics from online trading companies and venues from across the globe, with Tokyo Financial Exchange posting the trading volumes data or March 2015 earlier today.

As usual, we first take a look at the data from Click 365 to assess the activity with FX margin contracts. The total trading volume of Exchange FX Margin contracts (Click 365) in March 2015 amounted to solid 2,983,225. This is 10.7% higher than the reading recorded in February 2015, when the exchange was obviously feeling some impact from lower volatility across FX markets. Importantly, the March 2015 result was 22% higher than the result registered in March 2014, thus showing that the activity has improved in annual terms.

An important metric is the average daily volume, as it enables us to assess the performance, while taking into account the fact that February is simply a shorter month than March. ADV of Exchange FX Margin contracts (Click 365) in March 2015 was 135,607, which marked a slight increase (+0.7%) compared with the February reading.

The total trading volume of Exchange Equity Index Margin contracts (Click kabu 365) in March was 793,066 (+ 45.9% MoM /+ 161.8% YoY) and its average daily trading volume was 36,049.

The trading volume of three-month Euroyen futures in March 2015 was 185,256 (+ 23.1% MoM /down 18.3% YoY) and the average daily volume was 8,421.

See the table below for the composition of the trading volume for Click 365.


The detailed data about Tokyo Financial Exchange’s performance in March 2015 can be found here.

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