Think Liquidity expands elite risk management product portfolio

Risk management and FX technology provider ThinkLiquidity has today announced a robust expansion to its portfolio of risk management focused technology and services. These new innovations include Software Royalty Program, Quote Monitor, Hedge Mate, and MT4 Consulting and Support. The new offerings follow in the footsteps of their predecessors with a value-add to brokers of all sizes worldwide.

In terms of new products and services, ThinkLiquidity aims to reward fellow innovators by offering a Custom Software Development Royalty Program. If a broker has a need that cannot be satisfied by one of ThinkLiquidity’s current products or services, ThinkLiquidity will build custom software to satisfy the desire of the client. In addition to the customization, if the broker allows ThinkLiquidity to go public with this new solution, then a royalty will be paid to the broker based on subsequent sales of the new solution. In many cases, the software ends up paying for itself and becomes a profit center for the broker. This is ThinkLiquidity’s way of giving back to fellow innovators.

Hedge Mate is a proprietary hedging technology which allows a broker to execute a variety of hedging strategies with no additional plugins. This product was built with trading desks in mind and offers a variety of settings that makes Hedge Mate customizable to brokers’ needs. Settings are applied at the account level and can be configured by symbol to mesh with many different scenarios.

The ability to attach take profit and stop loss orders to client positions on the brokerage side of the transaction allows for flexibility in hedging greater than the market has ever known.

Additionally, Hedge Mate allows users to choose the direction of the hedge, the ratio of the hedge, and cap the size of the hedge trade being placed among other advanced settings.
For those who have ever had a deficiency in pricing, Quote Monitor notifies a broker automatically of any pricing issues where quotes are not being sent. The alerts are sent via email to a list of recipients set by the broker. Customizable settings allow brokers to have alerts set up based on symbol, time of day, and day of week. The flexible features and options allow quote monitor to function flawlessly across all asset classes on an MT4 server (Forex, CFD’s, Futures, etc.)

Along with the enhanced product offering, ThinkLiquidity now provides elite level MT4 Consulting and Support to brokers seeking to outsource the maintenance and monitoring of their MT4 servers. The experienced ThinkLiquidity staff will complete an initial review of server hardware and configurations followed by recommendations meant to maximize server performance and efficiency. MT4 servers need constant updating and monitoring, but, unfortunately, this is often overlooked. By outsourcing these tasks, ThinkLiquidity can remove that burden and provide downtime monitoring, downtime resolution, group and symbol creation and management, assistance with third party plugins, backup server configuration, and more, amid providing carefree maintenance for all areas of the MT4 platform. This will make for a more efficient server and allow brokers to focus on growing the business

ThinkLiquidity’s existing products and services are a perfect complement to the new releases. The products have been continuously improved since their initial development, and have allowed ThinkLiquidity to be voted the number one Risk Management provider in the world.

Nexus MT4 Bridge and Algorithmic Risk Engine, ThinkLiquidity’s flagship product, combines a risk engine and liquidity bridge in one streamlined instance of software. It allows brokers of all sizes to manage risk on various books of business, customize strategies, and reduce MT4 plugins all while significantly increasing revenues. Nexus Prime offers the same core benefits of its predecessor, the Nexus MT4 Bridge, while now also allowing an MT4 broker to accept inbound FIX API trade flow from any FIX engine. Brokers with Nexus Prime will also be able to offer FIX API trading to other brokers or individual clients.

The Multimanager (MAM) solution works in conjunction with the Nexus Bridge to give brokers the ability to remove the constraints of third-party desktop plugins and integrate with MT4 in real time. The Spread Commander is a price control application that enables granular spread management on a per symbol basis. Brokers now have the ability to control pricing in real time as market conditions dictate. ThinkLiquidity also offers an MT4 White Label server for brokers who want to launch quickly while minimizing the overhead associated with purchasing a Metaquotes license. The white label is hosted in the world’s premier data center, London Equinix.

The task of maintaining a server’s infrastructure is removed as well, making our White Label ideal for new brokers. Similar in style to the new Quote Monitor is the Customer Alert Monitoring (CAM) which grants brokers’ confidence and peace of mind that they will be made aware of any suspicious trading activity they have chosen as important. Like Quote Monitor, CAM alerts a customizable list of people via email about activities such as large settled PL, or net exposure.

An important service that helps bring all of these products together is Risk Management Consulting and Reporting offered by the ThinkLiquidity Risk Management team. The team has decades of experience spanning all market conditions and offers around the clock consulting, relationships with leading liquidity providers, and strategies formulated for individual needs. Whatever the risk, ThinkLiquidity will work diligently to provide a solution.

The core of ThinkLiquidity is risk management. They provide services and technology to a global audience of brokers with a focus on risk management. With risk managers and directors of trading operations making up over 80% of the company’s employees, every MT4 Broker Solution created at ThinkLiquidity has its roots firmly planted in risk management. Their MT4 Broker Solutions are developed with risk management and profitability on the forefront, not as an afterthought. ThinkLiquidity believes technology should adapt to trading firms and trading firms should not have to adapt to outdated technology

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