FXCM Global Head of Dealing Eduard Yusupov sells $1.5 million in FXCM shares

Following an upward valuation of corporate stock during the course of the last few days, FXCM (NYSE:FXCM) Global Head of Dealing and Managing Director Eduard Yusupov has relinquished $1.5 million in shares of the company.

Mr. Yusupov, who joined FXCM from MG Financial Group in 1999 in his current capacity and is one of the founding partners of the company, has sold 30,000 units of common stock at $16.07, a further 38,813 units at $16.30, and 24,931 units at $16.28, the valuations of which have been publizied via the company’s mandatory filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

In terms of the number of shares that Mr. Yusupov was able to liquidate, it is clear that he has taken a conservative approach, as he continues to own 4.9 million shares, amounting to an approximate total value of approximately $80 million.

Aside from the realisation of this asset and his substantial portfolio of FXCM stock which he retains, Mr. Yusupov’s 15 year tenure at FXCM has stood him as one of the higher earners in the industry, with an annual salary of $800,000 plus further remunerations amounting to a total calculated compensation of $1,469,044 per annum.

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