Business News Review: Alibaba founder $25 billion richer

The annual net worth calculations are beginning to emerge, with some of the leaders of global industry having experienced giant increases in personal fortunes during 2014.

In the same vein as this year has been a monumental year for FX industry initial public offerings (IPO) and corporate mergers, e-commerce entities have also been engaging in consolidation and public listing.

One such example is Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (BABA), the largest e-commerce company in China, whose founder Jack Ma accrued a further $25.1 billion following the firm’s IPO in September, which generated a 56% suge in the company’s shares and positioning Mr. Ma as Asia’s richest person for a time when he passed shipping, engineering and infrastructure mogul Li Ka-shing when his total net worth reached $28.7 billion.

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Socialism or providence? US President Barack Obabma has outlined his plan for raising the minimum wage in the United Stats to $10.10 per hour, which, if implemented, would result in 4.4 million employees across the country gaining an increase in their monthly salary.

President Obama has become widely recognized as a proponent of social programs, having called for a $9 per hour federal minimum wage in 2013, however with many businesses across the nation still firmly engaged in endeavors to pull their balance sheets back to a healthy condiction after the financial crisis of 2008, there is a commercial viability matter to consider.

Obama’s call to raise the federal minimum may have gone unanswered, but states and cities picked up the torch. In 2014, 13 states passed legislation or initiatives to raise the wage floor, not just in Democratic strongholds but in red states as well.

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New York has long enjoyed pole position as the center of stock trading, and this is the time of year when analysts from across the global financial sector begin to place their confidence (or otherwise!) in which publicly listed companies are best positioned for investment by traders of stocks and shares in the forthcoming year.

But what about British companies listed on London’s markets? Britain is home to a plethora of long-established publicly listed companies whose shares have today been the subject of a series of British analysts, including the Daily Mail’s City Editor Alex Brummer.

The Daily Mail’s tips for 2014’s shining stars held Marks & Spencer, Michelmersh and IHG as having had potentially good investment potential which was borne out by the results. However, energy companies such as SeaEnergy, and smart devices company Regenersis which were tipped for good performance in 2014 demonstraed that these were less prudent places to put money twelve months on.

This year’s tips from the same panel of analysts involves the same twelve financial sector experts viewing a range of companies in various sectors as potential stars, including EasyJet, Whitbread, GlaxoSmithKline and BT.

Here is a list of 2014’s Daily Mail tips, their subsequent performance, and this year’s tips.


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