Tech issues cause Alpari RU’s servers, website to go down temporarily

Clients of Alpari Russia experienced a moment of technical difficulties today, as the website of the retail Forex broker was unaccessible and there was no connection to several trading servers for about an hour. The issues that were reported by traders occurred approximately between 13:30 (Moscow time) and 14:30 (Moscow time).

The work of the website was swiftly restored, followed by re-established connections to trading servers.

A comment by Alpari’s employee on the corporate forum, published shortly after the website was fully operational again, stated: “There were technical works on the site. It was unaccessible for some time. When trying to access the servers, some clients experienced problems”.

When it came to the issues related to connecting to the trading servers, however, the employee had nothing to say apart from “We are trying to sort matters out”.

Talking to LeapRate, a representative of Alpari Russia, had the following to say: “Several of the company’s clients contacted us earlier today to ask us to solve issues with access to our servers. All technical problems were investigated and resolved”.

For more information traders can contact Alpari’s customer support or read the discussion on Alpari’s Forum (in Russian).

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