Alpari launches Position Auto-Corrector for PAMM account managers

Retail Forex broker Alpari Limited on Tuesday announced further enhancements to its PAMM account service.

The latest enhancement is a Position Auto-Corrector, a functionality that will be particularly useful for PAMM Account Managers. The new feature will enable managers to set up automatic correction of the volume of open positions and pending orders on accounts at rollover, proportionally to the amount of funds deposited or withdrawn.

As a result, PAMM account managers are set to have more time to spend on their trading strategy as there will be no need to manually correct the volume of positions.

Last year , the PAMM account service of Alpari Limited successfully passed a sample-based compliance check of registration data of PAMM Account Managers and verification of certain key indicators of PAMM Accounts. The check was conducted by Baker Tilly Russaudit.

You can find out more about the new PAMM functionality by clicking here.

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