Swissquote rolls out Themes Trading Service

Swissquote Themes Trading, a novel service by Swissquote Bank Ltd, was officially released today.

Via the new service, Swissquote aims to offer investors the opportunity to invest in comprehensible and relatable trends based on the latest market developments.

The service allows users to identify long, mid and short-term opportunities, spurring from the newest market events. Each trend will comprise a well-balanced basket based on analysis provided by Swissquote’s experts.

A set of 30 diverse themes is already available, including cyber security, wind energy, and Greek recovery. The company explains that the introduction of new themes will be a market-reactive process, based on evolving events.


To make use of the new service, investors have to have an account with Swissquote. Upon choosing a theme, an investor will have the possibility to purchase each title separately for the usual Swissquote equity commissions. At a later point, the company will make it possible to buy whole theme baskets at once, containing up to 20 equity titles each.

Swissquote’s chief executive officer Mark Burki commented:

“Digital banking is part of our philosophy. Therefore it goes without saying that we are using the latest technological advances in the fintech environment to create new offers for the investor. With Themes Trading we will turn thematic investment into a dynamic process that further democratises trading. In the near future, the service will integrate equities, fixed income, futures and Foreign Exchange, building true thematic portfolios for modern intelligent investments.”

To view the official press release by Swissquote, click here.

To explore the new service, click here.

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