Swissquote releases updated application for iOS devices

Swissquote Group Holding SA (SWX:SQN) on Monday released an update to its banking and trading application for iOS devices.

The latest version of Swissquote Mobile (5.7) offers a set of enhancements, ranging from an account history graph to new trading themes being highlighted. The latter represents an enhancement to the new feature introduced to the application in December.

Themes Trading has become a key part of Swissquote’s offering since the launch of this service in September 2015. In December, “Star Wars Brands” joined the impressive lineup of 46 themes that Swissquote already offers, including clean energy, cloud computing and even a football industry theme.

Below is a list of the novelties one can find in Swissquote Mobile’s latest version:

  • New payments section with optical recognition of Swiss BVR payment slips.
  • Account history graph.
  • Quick Actions available from the app icon.
  • Peek and Pop: previews available from lists of quotations and news.
  • New trading themes highlighted.

Swissquote Mobile was the first application from a Swiss bank to become available on Apple Watch. Also, Swissquote was the first Swiss bank to introduce an application for iPhone back in 2008, and, later, for iPad, in 2010.


You can find out more about the Swissquote Mobile application by clicking here.

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