Swissquote launches portal to bring quality trade ideas to semi-professional traders & investors

Swissquote will provide exclusive market information and analysis, formerly only available to privileged institutional investors, to retail traders and investors – free of charge. “Swissquote is changing the rules of the market by democratizing trading”, said Peter Rosenstreich, Head of Market Strategy at Swissquote. Retail traders will now be able to access institutional quality trade ideas via the new Swissquote SQORE portal, which was launched today.

Swissquote SQORE, an information portal developed for semi-professional traders and investors, goes further than providing trading signals or social trading solutions. Based on sophisticated quantitative models, developed and back tested by Swissquote’s Quantitative Asset Management Department, Swissquote SQORE analyses data and real-time market activity to generate trade ideas for direct trading in currencies, commodities, and equity indices.

The quantitative models cover techniques such as pairs trading (G10 & EM currencies), advanced interest rate differential, technical analysis with artificial intelligence overlay and commodities & index breakout strategies. Additional models will be continuously developed and launched.

“Over the last 10 years, Forex trading has grown exponentially with retail traders becoming an increasingly savvy driving force in the market. The needs of these semi-professionals are growing more sophisticated, creating a market for tools such as news and analysis portals, community trading and educational services”, said Rosenstreich.

“We developed Swissquote SQORE to empower the retail trader to make educated decisions based on the same depth and quality of analysis and insight available to institutional investors. The gap between institutional and retail has never been narrower. It is a level playing field now.”

Due to wider Internet accessibility, particularly in the emerging markets, Swissquote expects a further rise in the retail market and believes it will be the fastest growing market segment in the financial services industry in the coming years.

To visit SQORE, click here.

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