Swissquote Daily Technical Report: USD/CHF – Monitor the short-term declining channel

In Swissquote’s Tuesday short term technical trading report, the research team outlines the major technical levels of popular currency instruments with forecasts, below is the outline for USD/CHF and USD/CAD. To view and download (PDF) the entire report, click here.

USD/CHF: Monitor the short-term declining channel

• USD/CHF strengthened yesterday, erasing all the losses made on Friday. Monitor the resistance implied by the declining channel (around 0.9091). Another resistance lies at 0.9115. A key support stands at 0.9008 (see also the rising trendline). Another support can be found at 0.8969 (17/07/2014 low).

• From a longer term perspective, the recent technical improvements call for the end of the large corrective phase that started in July 2012. The long-term upside potential implied by the double-bottom formation is 0.9207. Furthermore, the break of the resistance at 0.9037 calls for a second leg higher (echoing the one started on 8 May) with an upside potential at 0.9191. As a result, a test of the strong resistance at 0.9156 (21/01/2014 high) is expected.

USD/CAD: Weakening

• USD/CAD has validated a double-top formation by breaking the support at 1.0904. A short-term corrective phase is therefore favoured. Supports stand at 1.0845 (29/07/2014 low, see also the 38.2% retracement) and 1.0797 (29/07/2014 low).

• In the longer term, the technical structure looks like a rounding bottom whose minimum upside potential is at 1.1725. However, a break of the support area implied by the long-term rising trendline and 1.0559 (29/11/2013 low) would invalidate this long-term bullish configuration.


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