Swissquote adds “Star Wars Brands” to Themes Trading offering

Swissquote Bank Ltd today announced the addition of “Star Wars Brands” theme to its themes trading service lineup.

Via the new theme, the clients of Swissquote gain the opportunity to invest in a selected menu of stocks tracking the success of the “Star Wars” franchise, including titles from the entertainment, film production, merchandise industries, as well as fast food and automotive sectors.

“Star Wars Brands” joins an impressive lineup of 46 themes that Swissquote offers, ranging from clean energy and cloud computing to the football industry.

Marc Burki, Swissquote’s Chief Executive Officer, said:

“This latest addition to our Themes Trading service is easily relatable to a whole generation of investors. Our service allows clients to participate in the latest engaging trading ideas, which are backed by solid, historically successful methods. Innovation in digital banking is part of our DNA. We make use of the latest technological advancements in banking and in the fintech environment to offer our clients easily accessible and transparent investment opportunities and believe that many will be able to identify with this latest offering, dedicated to the success of one to one of the most iconic films of our time”.

Peter Rosenstreich, Head of Market Strategy of Swissquote, added:

“The Swissquote “Star Wars Brands” theme delivers a textbook qualifier of thematic investments in a modern context. Everyday investors understand the potential and power of the “Star Wars” brand, yet are inexperienced when it comes to finding the linked investment opportunities. Swissquote Themes Trading provides the fundamental stock analysis and portfolio optimization needed for a confident investment decision. Our services make the investment process relevant without undermining its financial robustness.”

You can view the official announcement from Swissquote by clicking here.

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