Swissquote adds numerous functionalities to mobile app for Android

Provider of online financial and trading services Swissquote Group Holding SA (SWX:SQN) has just released an updated version of Swissquote Mobile app for Android devices.

The enhancements in the latest version (5.2.0) of the solution range from a more convenient search to new charts and new options for sorting assets and orders.

For starters, let’s mention that the HeatMap is now available on every list of quotes and one’s list of assets.

Talking of search improvements, let’s say that search for derivatives can be now performed from the fullquote. Also, the search has moved to the left menu.

Traders can make use of a year-to-date chart.

Users of the solutions are now provided with the ability to sort assets by gain/loss and to sort orders and transactions by symbol.

Regarding trading, the company has made it possible to trade an item by long-pressing it in a list of quotes.

Other novelties include availability of Corporate Calendar on the quote detail, as well as a new functionality enabling traders to attach screenshots to their feedback.

Those who like to stay updated on latest market events would perhaps appreciate that there is a new layout in “Daily Top News”.

In December last year, Swissquote Mobile app started offering traders with access to quotes list and accounts on their Android Wear devices. The company has been regularly updating its mobile apps and earlier this month introduced new functionalities and improvements to its FXBook and Advanced Trader apps for Android gadgets.

You can find out more about Swissquote Mobile for Android by clicking here.


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