Social trading company FX Junction now secures accounts with 2FA

Forex social trading network and copy trade company FX Junction announced today for users a new account security feature with 2-Way Authentication by incorporating the Google Authenticator.

The company recommends all members to activate this feature and particularly members with Live linked accounts – to prevent any unauthorized access.

The principle is simple: If you activate the 2-Way Authentication, you will be requested to enter the code generated by your Google Authenticator mobile app each time you log in to your account.

Users also have the option to remember the PC/mobile/ tablet you’re using for 30 days, only after which you will be again challenged to input the verification code.

The Google Authenticator app works on iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

LeapRate reported exclusively last year when Slovakian fintech company PineByte purchased FX Junction. The company has been experiencing solid growth in recent months with an expanding user base.

The expertise of the engineers at PineByte seems to already be paying dividends for the FX Junction brand, as under PineByte’s management the company has remarkedly improved its platform and is constantly in development mode.

Incorporating 2-Way Authentication is a sign the company takes security very seriously for its members. Internet users have been seeing many more applications incorporate multi-authentication within the last year as a way to keep out unauthorized access.

For the full details from FX Junction click here.

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