PineByte updates FX Junction social trading website

FinTech company PineByte has released its new social trading website, FX Junction. The open social trading network, FX Junction is now mobile friendly and offers many new features to engage its members to easily communicate with each other, analyze and learn from the performance of themselves and others with the goal to make better trading decisions.

LeapRate did an exclusive interview with PineByte on acquiring FX Junction earlier this year, where more details on the matter could be learned.

The new mobile friendly FX Junction website includes the following features:

  • Register and Login into FX Junction using Google +, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Updated Leaderboard displaying the Top Signal Providers and Copy Traders
  • View the Most Popular Brokers used by FX Junction members
  • Find and AutoCopy Top Traders easier with 5 additional filters
  • Select traders faster and easier with enhanced AutoCopy
  • More trader analytics with New Performance statistics

Free to Join, FX Junction is an online social trading network that enables its members to create a profile, follow other members from all over the world so they can simply and easily communicate with each other, share trading strategies and market information.

Members can also choose to link their MetaTrader trading account from any broker of their choice in order to view and analyze their trading performance as well as others, post and AutoCopy trading signals and much more.


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