Shift Forex launches media agency for global FX industry

Strategy consulting, marketing and FX industry professional services provider Shift Forex today launched a media agency to serve the global foreign exchange industry. The new operation grew out of the firm’s five years of experience developing and delivering best-of-breed digital and print media campaigns for leading FX brokers, technology firms and banks. in which the company’s remit spans the business life-cycle of FX firms from market entry through growth to exit.

The agency will handle all aspects of advertising for companies seeking to reach any segment of the FX market globally. Shift’s comprehensive services include creative design, digital development, media planning and buying, analytics and tracking and email marketing.

“Since inception five years ago, Shift has leveraged our foreign exchange expertise and best practices to plan and execute powerfully effective campaigns for top retail, wholesale and institutional clients,” said Ian McAfee, CEO, Shift Forex LLC. “Our clients tell us Shift’s sole focus on FX and deep consulting engagement within the industry set our media agency work apart from other firms.”

Media agency services have become a growing part of Shift’s offering to clients. In recent months, the firm has undertaken strategic advertising campaigns for clients to expand into new regions and markets, and launch new products. Each of these engagements used Shift’s full-service media agency to develop fully optimized campaigns. Moreover, the firm’s substantial buying power with FX publishers enables Shift to leverage better deal terms than usually available.

“We have a long track record and deep relationships with all significant FX publishers as well as the collective buying power, which we use to formulate effective campaigns for our clients at extremely attractive terms,” said Anthony DiSanti, Shift’s Chief Marketing Officer. “In our consulting and other FX-related activities we often represent FX publishers, which gives us an advantage when structuring media buys on behalf of clients.”

Shift Forex hosts the FXIC Global Event Series, with the forthcoming FXIC event set to take place in Shanghai on December 9 and 10th this year with additional events planned for Latin America, North America and Asia in 2015.

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